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Congregation Beth Judea offers many opportunities for involvement in a wide spectrum of committees. Listed below are descriptions of the groups that perform a variety of different functions for our synagogue. If you are interested in joining any of these committees please contact the CBJ office 847-634-0777.

Education Committee- Natalie Solomon - V.P.
The Education Committee establishes policies for the school and works with the Education Director to set goals and objectives to ensure that the needs of the school and the Congregation are met. This committee also develops and supervises the Adult Education program, the Junior Congregation program, and with the Youth Director, the Youth Education program.

Facilities Committee – Staci Levy - V.P. 
The Facilities Committee is responsible for repairs, maintenance and improvements to the real estate and personal property of the Congregation.

Finance Committee- Dave Rebnord - V.P.
The Finance Committee, with the Vice President of Finance, is responsible for the budget, bookkeeping, collections, and other functions focused on the financial health of the Congregation. The Finance Committee is also responsible for reviewing budgets, developed by other committees; reporting on a monthly basis to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors regarding the Congregation's financial conditions, cash flow expectation, budget deviations and other related developments; preparing and reviewing the annual Congregation budget prior to its submission to the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and the Congregation; and, for setting standards and reviewing applications for special consideration for members who believe their financial circumstance precludes full payment of dues.

Membership Committee – Arnie Goldberg - V.P.
The Membership Committee is in charge of soliciting new members for the Congregation, as well as retention of current members. This committee is also responsible for improving member participation in Congregation activities.

Programming Committee – Diane Ganden - V.P.  -
The Programming Committee develops programs to meet the social, welfare and recreational needs of the members of the Congregation and is headed by the Vice President, Programming.

Israel Committee – Cathy Feiger V. P. -    
Congregation Beth Judea has continually demonstrated its support of  Israelï or Community of Israelï because we see ourselves as a part of the larger worldwide Jewish community. Naturally, the State of Israel is central to this vision. We embrace Israel from a historical basis, as well as spiritually, educationally and culturally at the synagogue and in our homes.

The role of the Israel Committee is to maintain awareness and support of Israel among our congregants. We accomplish this in many ways. From providing news of what is happening in Israel via internet website links to planning congregational trips to Israel. From identifying and buying Israeli products in support of Israel's economy,  to having speakers at the synagogue discussing topics related to Israel. From individually contacting the media and our elected representatives seeking their support of Israel to joining various organizations that vigorously work on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. Moreover, to work closely with our Education Committee in fostering more Israel instruction in our Hebrew school curriculum so our children can better understand and appreciate why Israel is so important to the entire Jewish community.

Ritual Committee - Arnold Bender - V.P.   -              
The Ritual Committee coordinates all religious services, organization of high holiday services, assignment of aliyot, timing of services and for member services such as assistance in obtaining a minyan during Shiva, alerting clergy to member illnesses or other difficulties.

Planned Giving V.P.– Steve Limer
The Planned Giving Committee shall administer the collection, use, investment, and disbursement of funds within committee rules approved by the Board of Directors.  

Social Action Committee – Cathy Feiger V. P. -
The Social Action Committee develops and maintains liaison with other organizations in the community. They have the responsibility of studying community problems which may arise from time to time and make recommendations for appropriate action to the Board of Directors. The Social Action Committee also coordinates Mitvah Day.

Ways & Means Committee – Brian Gurin - V.P. 
The Ways & Means Committee administers the various fundraising activities and programs of the Congregation.

Youth Committee – Ken Redfern V.P. 
The Youth Committee coordinates all programs for the USY, Kadima, and Kadinkers with the Youth Director.

Secretary - Daniel Landau

Tue, June 22 2021 12 Tammuz 5781