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Yahrzeit Lists


The Yahrzeit (the anniversary of the death of a loved one) is remembered by lighting a twenty-four hour memorial candle, by making a charitable contribution in memory of the departed, and by reciting Kaddish. Kaddish is recited at the Maariv service that precedes the Yahrzeit and at Yizkor services throughout the year. The Yahrzeit occurs on the same date every year according to the Hebrew calendar. In Hebrew, Yizkor means "May He Remember".

Congregation Beth Judea Yahrzeit List
From October 16, 2021 to October 22, 2021
From Heshvan 10, 5782 to Heshvan 16, 5782



Remembered Name



Rememberd by

October 16, 2021

Heshvan 10, 5782


Louis Merkes

Violet Robin


father of

aunt of

Mrs. Linda Wolin

Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Goldstein

October 17, 2021

Heshvan 11, 5782



Erwin Karlin

Helen Schmarak

Leonard Shapiro

Estelle Shelley


father of

grandmother of


aunt of

Mr. Martin Karlin

Mr. Gary Ernsteen

 read in perpetuity

Ms. Phyllis Udany

October 18, 2021

Heshvan 12, 5782



Clara Chappe

Gloria Greenbert

Minnie Mae Hammer


grandmother of

mother of


Mr. Richard Chappe

 Mrs. Gail Lifshitz

Mr. Ted Goldberg

October 19, 2021

Heshvan 13, 5782



Steve Gold

Herman Rothenberg

Lester Witkov



read in perpetuity

read in perpetuity

read in perpetuity

October 20, 2021

Heshvan 14, 5782



Barnett Brody

Marcus Julis


     father of

read in perpetuity

Mr. Jeffrey Julis

Stuart Wolf


father of

Mrs. Suzanne Citron



father of

Mr & Mrs.Ryan Sulkin



husband of

Mrs. Rona Wolf

Freda Wolinsky



read in perpetuity

October 21, 2021

Heshvan 15, 5782



Alex Berk

Sol Boten



      father of

read in perpetuity

Mrs. Judy Rabin

Samuel Feldstein

Morton Frager

Mary Goldberg

Jane Markowitz


father of

father of


mother of

Mrs. Lois Mills

Mr. Gary Frager

read in perpetuity

Mr. Randy Markowitz



mother of

Sherry Steres

Kay Nixon

Harold Rosenbloom

Harry Stern


mother of

 brother of

father of

Mrs. Rhonda Schwartz

Mr. Stanley Rosenbloom

Mrs. Debra Green

October 22, 2021

Heshvan 16, 5782



Richard Heldman


father of

Ms Toni Heldman



father of

Dr. Bruce Portnoy

Mollie Stein



read in perpetuity

Fri, December 3 2021 29 Kislev 5782