CBJ Stands With Israel

Support Magen David Adom (MDA) via the North & Northwest Suburban Conservative Synagogues’ MDA Ambulance Campaign

By collectively raising $115,000 to provide a Life Support Ambulance to MDA, we will be providing the ambulance, fully stocked with medical equipment and supplies, and providing for its shipment to Israel. CBJ and each other participating synagogue will have its name inscribed on the ambulance's doors letting the people of Israel know that we support them in this extraordinary time of need. As the ambulances are produced in Elkhart, Indiana, we will be able to gather as a community to celebrate our achievement and to see the ambulance before it ships to Israel.

JUF opened an Israel Emergency Fund to funnel vital support from our community to the Israeli people. Donate here.

Magen David Adom is supporting paramedics and first responders.

Friends of the IDF 

Purchase Israel Bonds here.

Jewish National Fund

(We recognize that there are many other worthy charities and encourage supporting them as well; there are too many to be listed here)

Articles Identifying Many Ways to Help

Jewish Journal Article

“The Many Ways American Jews Can Help” by Gil Troy

JTA Article

Where US Jews can donate to support Israel’s hospitals, troops, survivors and more” by JTA staff

Check out this video for a simple explanation of the Hamas and Gaza

By Elizabeth Savetsky - Jewish Activist ​


PJ Library’s Israel Hub

Rabbi Zimbalist Lunch & Learn Powerpoint

Israel’s Defense & Security Forum (IDSF) – A daily half-hour update on the war in Israel and related topics. The source is an organization sponsored by reserve officers from all branches of the Israeli security forces.

Haaretz Daily Brief – A short writeup of key actions that happened the prior day related to the war in Israel. The source is the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Inside Israel with Joel Chasnoff – A once-a-week podcast of perspectives on the war and related topics.  Joel is a comedian, former Israeli soldier, and former resident of Skokie.  The program offers serious and unique details of current happenings in Israel not usually shared by other media sources.

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (fidf.org) – Periodic briefings provided by the IDF.

JUF – Jewish United Fund – Aside from collecting funds to send to Israel, click here to see all the organizations that have benefited, check out some resources that have been pooled.

Hillel Neuer – Executive director of UN Watch

StandWithUs – A nonpartisan education organization that supports Israel and fights antisemitism 

iCenter –The iCenter inspires and supports the largest network of Israel educators across North America, transforming the field of Israel Education across day schools, public schools, summer camps, synagogues, youth groups, universities, and beyond.

American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) www.aipac.org

Israel Humanitarian Efforts – Swords of Iron www.govextra.gov.il




This section will be updated as new events become available.


Contact elected officials – https://actnow.ajc.org/nR7iINR?ms=EL_EML_20231011_IsraelAction2023-10.11.2023&p2asource=Israel2023-10.11.23

Tell US House members to cosponsor a new resolution standing with Israel – https://p2a.co/hBki0TW

Fight Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism on college campuses – https://www.adl.org/fight-antisemitism-and-anti-zionism-college-campuses

Sign ADL petition to call for responsible media coverage of the war in Israel – https://adl.salsalabs.org/media-israel/index.html

Post pro-Israel messages online – https://socialpresskit.com/aipac

Send a message of love and support to Israelis:

Lone Soldier Project: Send letters to Israeli Soldiers through email, mail or online form (feel free to use pictures below)

  • 5304 RFD (Route 83 & Hilltop Road), Long Grove, IL 60047
  • 847-634-0777
  • info@bethjudea.org