Keruv the Hebrew word where the root means, “to draw near, to approach, to welcome”… We wish to welcome our Jewish congregants and their intermarried family members.

Our Mission

The purpose of KERUV initiative at Congregation Beth Judea is to welcome not just accept people whose lives are involved in, interfaith relationships. Our goal is to make them feel part of, rather than apart from, the synagogue. Keruv exists to meet people where they are in life, young children to Grandparents and to help them make Jewish choices through education and participation in the life of CBJ and their own.. We practice “outreach” as well as “in reach”. KERUV seeks to educate the congregation-at-large about the importance of reaching out or in by fostering an understanding of its purpose and benefits to the synagogue, the Conservative Movement and the Jewish people. It also exists to aid the non-Jewish member of an interfaith relationship in supporting the Jewish partner’s observance of Judaism. Helps families understand that there are two sides to every issue. Finally, Keruv exists to welcome the non-Jewish partner and to encourage his/her participation to the extent desired.

We welcome interracial, multi cultural, gay-lesbian families or individual who want to participate in a Jewish life to join Congregation Beth Judea as part of our KERUV initiative.

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