At Congregation Beth Judea we are dedicated to life-long learning. Our tradition teaches us “Aseh l’cha rav uk’neh l’cha chaver – Appoint for yourself a teacher and acquire a friend” (Pirkei Avot 1:6). In the spirit of this great lesson, we invite you to find a teacher, a study partner and a friend in Congregation Beth Judea’s Education opportunities.

Our learning never ceases and there is always more to what we think we’ve already mastered. We are dedicated to meeting the educational, religious and social needs of our community. We continue to add new and innovative programs to respond to our ever-changing membership needs. Select a link below to learn more about specific education programs. If you have any questions please email our Education Director at  or call the CBJ office at 847-634-0777.

  • 5304 RFD (Route 83 & Hilltop Road), Long Grove, IL 60047
  • 847-634-0777