Melton: It’s A Date! Marking Time the Jewish Way


September 11, 2023    
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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 This is going to be an amazing series of classes! Join a group of fun, engaged adults to deepen your Jewish knowledge.

 The courses will be taught by the Cantor, using the acclaimed curriculum of the Melton School

 If you are interested in celebrating an Adult B’nei Mitzvah… this is for you!

 If you’re worried that you don’t know enough to join… come for one session and find out!

 If you were bored to death in Religious School as a child… come discover that Judaism was designed for adults! 

 The class is also open to your non-member friends!

 There is a cost for this class which includes a book of source materials.

 CBJ members should contact the Cantor for a discount code!


Whether you look forward to the Passover Seder all year or avoid it like the plague, add “It’s a Date” to your calendars. Gain new insight into days that mark profound moments in history, and others that mark when to harvest the grain — and pop open the wine. In this unit, we will explore how the Jewish calendar works. We will explain and discuss our holidays — and holiday rituals. We’ll share personal and collective memories.
Lesson topics:
Lesson 1 – Marking the Moons: The Jewish Calendar
Lesson 2 – Awe-some Holy Days: New Year, New Beginning
Lesson 3 – Mistakes and Mindfulness: A Day of Forgiveness
Lesson 4 – Uniting in Joy: Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah
Lesson 5 – Retelling and Reconnecting: The Pesach Seder Up-Close
Lesson 6 – Harvesting the Field and Soul: Shavuot through the Ages

  • 5304 RFD (Route 83 & Hilltop Road), Long Grove, IL 60047
  • 847-634-0777