October 7th War – Personal Stories – Presentation


May 14, 2024    
5:00 pm

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Major R: R embodies courage and commitment. A fighter pilot of remarkable skill, R completed 85 missions upon his return to Israel in October, showcasing his bravery and expertise.

R, currently a student at Northwestern Kellogg, chose to balance his academic pursuits with his military obligations.

Along with being a devoted husband and father to a one-year-old baby girl, he manages an intensive academic workload alongside the demands of military service.


Captain T: A leader both in the field and in academia, T made the critical decision to interrupt his studies at Northwestern Kellogg to serve his country.

As a commander in the elite search and rescue unit 669, T played a crucial role in the “Iron Swords” operation and participated in the operation to bring back hostages from capture.


Together, T and R are on a mission to enlighten and inspire by sharing their profound experiences and insights through a series of lectures across the United States.

Their presentations are enriched with immersive footage, including videos from T’s Go-Pro, capturing hundreds of rescue missions, and R’s cockpit cameras, offering a firsthand view of his aerial endeavors.


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